Our policies

・The hair cut uses scissors and clippers. In the case of only scissors finish or a special hair cut, the price of the grooming fee +¥2000(+tax)
・If your dog has many tangles, falling hair, it takes a lot of time and special costs.
・If your dog will be violently, chewing, it takes ¥600(+tax) or more. When we can not do it, we may decline it.
・If your dog has disease or your dog is old, Please take inform us beforehand.
・We can not take reservation if your dog has period.
・Please write your dog’s name in your dog’s stuff. Like blankets, beds and carry bags when your dog stays at our hotel.
・Please bring your dog’s vaccination records before coming in for reservation to dog groomig and/ or dog hotel. as for, we can not offer services without a medical record. It is the owner’s responsibility to update your dog’s vaccination record. Please make sure to turn it in before it expires.


DOG SALON fleur Information : 2016/08/18